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  • What is proposed?
    Highland Flats is a proposed development of 410 rental units on 30 acres and a Catholic building on 10 acres.
  • What type of units will Highland Flats include?
    Entire project are Rentals, including affordable housing.
  • Will the affordable units be integrated?
    Affordable Integrated throughout the project. No distinction between inventory.
  • What is AMI?
    Area Median Income is the midpoint of a region's income distribution, meaning that half of households in a region earn more than the median and half earn less than the median.
  • Why is AMI important?
    AMI is used to determine whether or not a housing unit is affordable.
  • Will some units be required to be affordable?
    Yes. 45% of the total units will be priced based on AMI affordablility. Including 30 units affordable to those making 30% of the average median income.
  • Yeah, but I bet the "affordable housing" is less appealing than the market priced units."
    Affordable units are integrated throughout the project and there is no distinction between inventory. There is an equal mixture of 1BR, 2BR, and 3BR units
  • Will the State and Local governments be giving a tax credit to the developers?
    No. A tax credit will not be required to deliver the affordable product.
  • How will you ensure that the affordable units help the residents that actually need it?
    All residents are required to be primary residents who live and work in Summit County community
  • Won't this cause a traffic nightmare?
    We have conducted certified traffic studies to determine the best solutions to the traffic issues caused by the additional residents. The position of the parcel is advantageous to the Park City community and hopefully reduces miles driven by daily commuters. Public transit is already in place, as are bike paths and trail systems.
  • How much will remain open space?
    Over 60% of the area remains open space.
  • Won't this block my view?
    The site slopes down and away over 35 feet, so that development will not create a "wall effect" and will be less visible from the road and neighborhood.
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