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What ski towns tell us about the inequality crisis

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The PCSD has released its ten year demographics study


Salt Lake Tribune

An article posted January 6, 2021 in the Salt Lake Tribune talks about the proposed government funded workforce housing that will cost Park City 30 million dollars and still not reach the AMI levels Highland Flats is proposing.


Salt Lake Tribune

Trent Staggs: Cities must take the lead on improving housing supply and costs​

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James Wood

Attached below is the Regional Housing Needs Assessment from May 2019.  It states the need for an affordable rental product in Park City and Summit County.  Highland Flats brings a product to market that fulfills the needs deemed most desperate: AMI under 30%


Area Median Income (AMI)

One of the metrics of affordable housing is the AMI.  The Median income of Summit County as of 2019 is 76,860.  1/3rd of the units at Highland Flats will be affordable to those making 50% of the Median income.


Essential Workers

The average salary for essential workers in Summit County is below 80% AMI

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Summit County wants to partner with state to further economic development

The Park Record featured an article in 2018 summarizing a meeting between State and local officials


2020 Moderate-Income Housing Report

Jeff Jones, Summit County’s Economic Development Director and his department released this report highlighting the need for moderate income housing.

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Community Social Equity Strategic Plan

Park City Community Foundation, in partnership with Park City Municipal Corporation, has taken a leading role to further the vision of a complete community where everyone has access to opportunities and is respected, included, and empowered.

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Community Vision & Values

"If we don’t get these right, could have a significant negative impact on our community"


Letters of Support

A number of companies and organizations have written letters supporting the approval of the Highland Flats development


Additional Reading

Additional links to affordable housing research

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